Proper Power & Energy, Inc. (PPWE), a Stock Highlight

Jan 18th, 2011

I’m Christina Collins with CRWE Newswire — Today’s company highlight is Proper Power & Energy, Inc. trading with the symbol PPWE — Proper Power & Energy is an independent exploration and production company— To further understand the company’s strategy, it is important to know the difference between developmental and exploratory drilling — Exploratory wells are attempts to find new oil and gas fields, whereas development wells expand or more fully tap into known oil or gas reservoirs — Since Proper Power & Energy has the appropriate technology, they will explore — In time, its technology may become the industry standard, and the word wildcat may apply to non-radiometrcially surveyed drilling — All of its prospects are classified as exploratory in nature, but they are not wildcat, since they have the radiometrics data advantage — the company’s prospects are separated geographically from existing oil and gas production, but they are not always separated geologically or radiologically — Therein lays the difference from wildcatting — With reserve prices going higher, the economics of exploration with radiometrics are compelling — Proper Power & Energy is reducing the finding costs and everything associated with the actual drilling and the completion risks — While there is a higher drilling risk associated with an exploratory well than with a development well, the reward potential with a successful exploratory well far exceeds the upside of any developmental well — Proper Power & Energy recently reported that it has begun production on its Kentucky oil asset, in addition to the 11,000 acres leased for its exploratory prospect in Utah — The Utah prospect has the potential for over 75 wells — The Company believes the Utah property holds very substantial recoverable reserves, indicated through seismic and radiometric analysis — Renowned geophysicist and consultant to Proper Power, Robert Dunbar, believes the Utah prospect could hold up to one billion barrels of recoverable oil — More about Proper Power & Energy, Inc. symbol PPWE can be found by visiting — I’m Christina Collins with CRWE Newswire



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