pearl fashion jewelry

Summer fashion season is about to reach its peak, and when it does, you want to be ready. Accessories and jewelry are great ways to elevate any look for the summer. By taking a simple, sleek summer dress and pairing it with a piece, like a pearl fashion jewelry, you can be comfortable yet on-trend. The only thing hotter than the summer heat will be your look. This round-up features 10 affordable jewelry brands you can shop to upgrade our summer style from cloudy to shining like the sun.

Pearl Story NYC

If classic yet modernized pearl jewelry is your choice, Pearl Story NYC is the place to shop. These freshwater pearl pieces are genuine and feature fine metals, all at an affordable price. The designs include necklaces, rings, and earrings, ranging from simple studs to unique pearl lined hoops, like the Golden Curve Pearl Earrings.

pearl fashion jewelry

Bauble Bar

Bauble Bar is a brand that has affordable and trendy jewelry at a variety of styles. If you want something colorful or fun, this is your store to visit. Their Safety Pin earrings add an edgy vibe to any look, and aren’t too overstated, but don’t worry, they also have big and bold jewelry pieces if that’s your vibe.

pearl fashion jewelry


Shashi jewelry is perfect for any world traveler. Their inspired jewelry lines stay within budget, but feature incredible colors and textures for summer fun. Their Tilu bracelets feature pattern, colorful beads, perfect for stacking with a flowing white dress. 


Shashi jewelry

Maison Monik

A French brand full of classic and affordable piece, Maison Monik brings natural and rustic elements to chic jewelry. Beads, stones, and elemental colors are all parts of the jewelry line’s aesthetic, and their Number 14 necklace is a perfect example of earthly treasures coming together.

Maison Monik

Stella + Ruby

A sparkling brand that brings quality pieces at low prices, Stella + Ruby gives back while also bringing sparkle to your collection. Their earrings make major statement pieces with bright colors and unique textures, like chiffon and crystal beads. The Mimosa Chiffon Earrings are great for brunch, or a night out with a black dress.

Stella + Ruby


Gorjana is all about bringing quality, staple pieces to your jewelry set. Their layering pieces, like the Parker Layering set, can be worn alone, or along with pieces from other affordable brands to create a dimensional, textured, and on trend look.



Jules Smith

California based brand Jules Smith is for the millennial, fashion lover on a budget. Her gold jewelry ranges from simplistic to statement-making, like the Disc Huggy Earrings. The small but mighty hoops upgrade your daily earring game.

California based brand Jules Smith


Fairtrade and recycled jewelry brand Catbird ranges from affordable to semi-luxury, but their pieces are even worth the investment. Their Ribbon Ear Climber earrings are texturally unique, looking like a wrapped present on the ear. This is the perfect earring for a second piercing.

jewelry brand Catbird ranges

 Danielle Guizio

If edgy jewelry is your style, Danielle Guizio is a fashion house that has some unique collab pieces. Her delicate necklaces feature crosses, or barbed wire, and the barbed wire necklace is the best way to toughen up a summer look in a minimal way.

Danielle Guizio

Jack + G

This jewelry line brings a fine look, with on-trend and sleek designs that bring together pure qualities of metals and elements for a luxurious feel. While slightly pricier than other brands, the craftsmanship is worth it, just look at this unique talon earring.

jewelry line brings

Your summer wardrobe can instantly be taken from blah to wow with the right accessory.Bus from Geneva to Zurich Airport. Compare all companies and find the cheapest price. Book online and save!Jewelry also doesn’t have to break the bank; from pearl fashion jewelry to simple metal staples, the market is your oyster when it comes to affordable jewelry pieces for your summer stash.

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