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Workflow automation tools can make even the most tedious and time-consuming business processes easy and quick. Setting up triggers through an optimized workflow automation tool can save business time and money when it comes to routine, simple tasks. Workflow automation software that’s right for your particular business needs can help your team quickly progress through crucial projects. Some workflow automation toolseven offer built-in analytics so that you can find, target, and eliminate any inefficiencies in your process. Today’s article will cover the top ten best options for workflow automation software.

1. Code-free, Intuitive Workflow Designs

A workflow automation tool that doesn’t require coding from the user reduces the barriers to entry. Any business owner, even business owners who do not have any computer programming or software development knowledge, should be able to quickly and intuitively navigate the workflow interface.

2. Customizable and Sophisticated Design Options

Drag-and-drop interfaces that also include numerous different fields give businesses the option to customize their workflow for their goals and needs. A workflow automation tool should give the user lots of options for text, numbers, drop down menus, maps, and more. Beginners can quickly outgrow a workflow automation tool if it only offers bare-bones designs.

3. Integration

Integration with cloud-based services is a must. Businesses in 2019 need automation workflow software that works together with other crucial processes, including calendar and schedule management software, email, and CMS.

4. Data Privacy

Workflow automation tools that are cloud-based give the businesses access to the workflow from any location. Cloud-based workflows also offer superior privacy and data protection.

5. Notifications

Automation workflows should not need continuous follow up to make sure the process is running the way it is intended. But the key to ensuring that the automation is working is through notifications. Effective workflow tools should come with an option for push notifications or notifications via email, customized to your needs.

6. Options to customize what each user can see or enter.

Automation workflows often contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be shared with everyone who goes through the process. You should be able to change what each user can see or edit, and changes should not break or otherwise affect the workflow.

7. SLA Indicators

Some businesses may run several different workflows at once. If this is something your business needs, you want an SLA status indicator option so you can easily view the workflows and stay on top of the ones that are the most urgent or critical.

8. KPI Reporting

When you create a new automated workflow, you are essentially testing it. Workflow automation tools that use KPI-based reporting allow you to see where the workflow is inefficient so you can tweak and optimize those parts.

9. Easy-to-create Branches and Conditional Triggers

Few workflows are linear. In most cases, you’ll need to create separate, complex branches and conditions within your workflows. The workflow automation tool you use should make this process simple and straightforward, and easy for people who don’t have a degree in programming or computer science.

10. Transparent and Customizable Pricing Structures

Workflow automation tools should give you monthly payment options where you only have to pay for the number of users who are accessing the system. For business owners who are just getting started with automated workflows, taking advantage of a free trial offer can give them insight into how much a workflow automation tool can streamline their processes and grow their business.


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