Monthly Archive: September 2016

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Why You Should Consider Getting Hydrojetting Services

Hydrojetting services are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to clear clogged and slow-moving drains. This is because of the inherent benefits that come with this method of drain and sewer maintenance...

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Underground Technology: Bursting VS. Lining

Having to repair a sewer line isn’t the most enjoyable thing that anyone can do, however, it will need to be done whether you are prepared for it or not. It is one of...

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EQ Labs, Inc. Begins the Process to Become Fully Reporting

crwenewswire LAS VEGAS, NV – EQ Labs, Inc. (EQLB) (, announced today that it has started the process of becoming a fully-reporting company. The company will engage MaloneBailey, LLP for their audit.