3 Hotel Digital Marketing Tools & Resources Every Hotel Needs In 2017

Getting the best out of your hospitality services is like meandering a river. You have to go through all the ups and downs and yet be stable and firm. With the paradox of choice, many of the customers face a dilemma in choosing a hotel that fits their needs.

To be uniquely ubiquitous in the online sphere where you stand out, is a tough task these days.

However, mere tying up with online travel agencies is not proving sufficient for many of the hoteliers.

To become a quintessential entity as a great hotel, here is what you need to enhance your hotel digital marketing skills

hotel digital marketing

# Flag your unique USP, reward loyalty, and develop a tactic

Churning the most out of your unique servicing or location is a shrewd decision you can take for your hotel.

Focus on your unique points and accentuate on offering special packages for first time customers. To let customers avail benefits of your customized services is an added plus. Ergo, you can offer wedding packages or occasion special packages to earn trust and dependability.

Additionally reward those clients who become your loyal customers. It creates a kind of a special bond. You don’t have to do the rest of the leg work of marketing yourself, once you become impressionable.

Develop a tactic that targets all the relevant channels. Get your website designed in a way (you can opt for apps or mobile friendly site) that makes searching you and booking rooms a piece of cake. Doing this makes your customers feel at ease and then they won’t think twice before opting for your hotel.

When you appear on all the social channels and it is easy to find you, cash in on that. It is a logical step to take, where choosing the right kind of sales tool works beneficially for you.

# Opt for Video, Brand awareness and SEO

Provide the prospective customers a detailed view of what services you can serve on your platter. A substantial video about your services, and hotel would give a clear glimpse on what you stand for in the hospitality industry. This adds to the brand awareness and gives your business an extra kick. To catapult you to customer’s minds and secure a place in their minds is the sole reason to opt for such tactics.

Branding is not just about having flashy banners, but a whole lot of other equally important things- such as Global distribution system (GDS), your beautifully designed website (easy to navigate), and meaningful tie-ups with Online travel agencies.

You may also utilize other gambits such as PR. This will make sure that you have left no stones unturned, because hospitality industry is quite volatile in nature. You have to pace up with technology and services at the same time.

This will not only help you to establish relationship with journalists and travel writers but would add to your reputation organically. It makes your hotel more visible and reachable to the clients.

Also, do not skip the importance of having SEO to escalate your hotel marketing. Not just being present online but catching the eye of prospective customers is important. And great SEO results on the web make sure you hit the dart, right on the spot.

# Social media, Communication, Collaboration

To entice customers to your services, you need to polish your social skills. It acts as a great cost-effective funneling tactic where you can do multiple things at a time.

On the one hand it allows you to reach multiple people instantly, but helps you identify online communities too (which can improve your sales graph).

Getting an internet celeb, or a popular figure for a complimentary stay at your hotel, is the key to boost your popularity. Asking them for a feedback and communicating with people directly on the social media can help you gain big. Customers appreciate if you don’t intrude their lives but provide genuine solutions for their holidaying.

It is significant that you build up a great rapport with your customers even before they show up at your hotel.

Collaborating with local sports events or other such stuff can be your additional highlight. Creating a package that lets customers feel relatable (for example local activity), or with sports can open up a plethora of new possibilities. Doing this can help you reach new people (communities), fan base and escalate your business potential to new horizons.

Hope this helps in your hotel digital marketing!

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