Lighting for Night Fishing

Lighting for Night Fishing

Lights attract a wide range of fish to your boat at night, making it easier than ever to attract baitfish, your target fish, or create a more interesting underwater experience for you and your family. Here are the 4 types of lighting that will enhance your night fishing experience today.

Bright LED lights

Underwater LED lighting installations are the best way to attract hordes of sea life to the underside of your vessel. While they do have to be installed, they can be turned on and off with ease allowing you to use them at a moment’s notice.

They are slightly more expensive than typical offerings, but they are better designed and more durable, representing much better value for money.

LED lights can be customized to suit your needs for the moment, so it’s worth buying a system you can instantly switch to white, green, or both, as those colors best attract fish. If you’re looking for boat lighting installations in Michigan, talk to your local providers for expert advice.

Black UV lights

Black lights, or UV lights, are a time-tested night fishing tool capable of bringing a host of new fish to your boat’s underwater area. These kinds of lights make it easier for you to see your gear underwater, so you know exactly when you’ve hooked something on your line.

To make their fishing gear stand out more, some expert fishers coat their gear with fluorescent paint.

Convenient floating lights

While most fishermen think they need to mount lights to their boat, this isn’t always the case. Floating lights have been used by fishermen for decades to attract fish to the surrounding area in an effective way. Floating lights work well because they are cheap, easy to use, and require no installation.

These days, floating fishing lights are much more advanced, with quality LED options that have a greater power output and a better ability to attract fish to your vessel.

Additional submersible lights

If you’re not interested in floating lights or an installation, why not consider submersible lights, which sink below the waterline yet still attract fish in effective ways.

These kinds of lights are available in either LED or fluorescent models, so you are still able to attract fish with the power of more modern designs. Some boat lovers use submersible lights as part of their fishing strategy, so it worth considering whether you’d like a range of lights instead of just one option.

For boat lighting installations in MI or for general advice, be sure to seek out the experts.

A better night’s fishing

A well-chosen selection of lights can really boost your catch numbers and increase your visual experience out on the dark sea.

If you’re unsure what you need, or you want help installing it, make sure you talk to your local professionals, who know everything you need to maximize night fishing.

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