Dollar-a-Day CBD has recently made headlines as Americas’ top CBD oil subscription company. So here are the top 5 reasons why they’ve been taking the market by storm.

  1. Price

This one’s a no-brainer, it’s literally in their name. At $30for a 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil, it’s less than half the average price for competing brands. The best part is 30$ is their starting price, if you order 3 bottles at a time they’ll take $10 off the price and offer free shipping. This price tag on such a high-quality product is hard to beat. They also consistently offer promotions for discounted products and great giveaways.  

  1. Quality

Essentially there’s only one way to accurately judge the quality of a CBD product, and that’s through their lab-report, often referred to as a Certificate of Analysis (COA). There are two main factors to take into consideration when looking at a COA, does it have the cannabinoids the product claims to have and has it been tested for pesticides and heavy metals. $1 A Day CBD has its COA posted on their home page as well as under each product description. We’re pleased to report their COA looks fantastic with an accurate Hemp CBD Gummies count, a wide range of activated minor cannabinoids, and that it has tested negative for pesticides and heavy metals.

  1. Convenience

With their goal of being the simplest Free CBD Tincture oil, they pride themselves on how easy and convenient it is to order from them. Their sign up and selection process is frictionless, allowing the user to simply choose 1,2, or 3 bottles delivered on a monthly basis. After you sign up, they continue to deliver the bottles directly to your door. If you have any issues, you can cancel at no cost with one press of a button or request a refund with a quick email to their support team. The convenience of putting in your payment details once and then getting the bottle delivered consistently is incredible.

  1. Customer Service

Their brand was largely built off of good customer service. Not known to many, it is incredulously difficult to advertise in the CBD space, making word-of-mouth all the more important. In a recent article from the Co-Founder Josh Bertini, he detailed how the first thing he set up is as many channels to provide customer support as possible. He goes on to mention, he has his cell phone listed as the customer support hotline, dedicated support and info emails, and rule to respond to all dm’s on Facebook and Instagram within 12 hours. If anyone is unhappy with the product, he’ll provide a refund with no questions asked. So, if you ask me, that’s some good customer service.

  1. Branding

In one word, their branding can be described as “simple”. With neutral tones, a clear font, minimal imagery, gender-ambiguous packaging, while still being obviously a CBD oil product, they’ve hit the nail on the head. This isn’t a company trying to be “diet weed” they’re very clearly a CBD company and proud of it.

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