Your L1 business plan can help you navigate the USCIS requirements to get a visa as a manager, executive or employee with specialized knowledge looking to work in the U.S. As you work toward compiling a complete application to show your business acumen in launching a U.S. business, this document can show your goals and strategies to make the business a success.

The USCIS doesn’t require L-1 visa applicants to provide a business plan, but it’s always a good idea when applying for business immigration visas to show how your business will succeed. This business plan is different than others, because it is written for the USCIS immigration officer, not investors or financial institutions.

Here are the top 5 topics your plan should cover:

  1. Business location: Where will your business be located in the U.S.? DO you have an office picked out, with a signed lease or deed? Provide the information on location and any renovations or construction you’re planning on doing.

Without this information, it could be a red flag to the USCIS. Be sure to know your location prior to applying for an L-1 visa.

  1. Job description: Explain the duties and responsibilities you will have as the manager or executive of this business. Show how you spend each day, week, month and year. Discuss training opportunities you will personally provide your employees, as well as skills and employment history that makes you uniquely qualified.

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  1. Personnel plan: This goes beyond your role – this is the personnel plan for all hiring you will do at the U.S. location. Outline job descriptions, hierarchy, and position projections that you expect over about five years.

Make sure to clearly explain the jobs you will create, even if you haven’t started hiring yet, because USCIS officers look for job creation capabilities.

  1. Company structure: Show how the foreign company will be related to the U.S. company. Make sure to explain how it is the same company with two (or more) locations. You can use diagrams here to show this information.

Your company is established in a foreign country, but you need to show the U.S. structure. Ownership and investment is not necessary for L-1 business plans.

  1. Market analysis: There is likely other companies in the U.S. doing something very similar to what you plan to do. How will your company be different? What sets you apart and will make you succeed, even in competition with others? Discuss the market trends and competitor analyses in this section.

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