Owning a residential water pump is a great resource that can serve a household for so many years. However, with many pumps being able to work for so many years with little maintenance, getting a water pump repair Tampa is inevitable.

One interesting fact is that most homeowners are yet to know that these water pumps should not be neglected as they also require frequent maintenance. Hence, their damages would cost more to fix. Although, the major aim of having a water pump is to have a constant supply of water into your house, and the pump has its switch. But like every other home appliances, the water pump is prone to damages making a water pump repair inevitable.

However, the good news is that being able to identify the signs of a potential problem will help you deal with having a bad water pump. There are many warning signs that will alert you when there are impending problems with your water pump and this article highlights six of these warning signs.

1. Change in water quality

Decaying organic waste, sand, silt, etc. can contaminated well water, creating bad taste and odor that is not nice. The water becomes bad for both human and livestock consumption. Apart from contamination for those listed above, rusted and corroded pipes can also cause well water to smell and taste bad like rusted iron. Use a well water test kit to be sure of how safe your well water is for your use. 

2. Sputtering faucets

Have you ever switched on your bathroom sink and instead of seeing water, the first thing you notice is a blast of air, followed by spitting water, and the water flowing normally. The only explanation for this is the presence of air in your plumbing system, and constant occurrence means you need to service your pump. 

3. Muddy water

Muddy water is an indication that your water pump for well cannot filter muddy water properly again before bringing it to the surface. When you start to notice muddy water from your plumbing system, this signifies that the sand and silt is causing the pump to wear out faster than normal. 

4. Low water pressure

One of the most common signs that you have a bad water pump is when the pressure of water coming out of the faucet is low. This is commonly caused by clogs that are formed by iron bacteria at the pipe that leads to the switch of the pressure. The pressure switch is badly affected by the iron bacteria. But should in case you discover your water to have iron in it, this simply means the screen has been badly clogged by a high amount of iron bacteria. To set this right, you need to clean the pump to get rid of the iron bacteria. 

5. High electricity bill

When the pump gets blocked by sand or iron bacteria, or when it starts to wear out, it tends to work more than when it was still new. This can eventually lead to the cost of energy used. One other thing that causes a high power bill is when the valve in the well becomes bad. Water from the pressure tank flows back into the well, causing the pressure to signal the pump to switch on again. This back and forth occurrence can go on for the whole 24 Hour Plumber Tampa, causing the pump to run that long, which eventually leads to the high cost of the power bill. 

6. There is large of sediment and sand in pumped water

Normally, the pump is always placed 10-20 feet above the well, but there is a situation when the sediments start to get into the pump. One thing that can cause this is when the water level in the well drops and the pump starts to suck in sand and sediment. Another cause is when the screen for the well has been depleted due to use over time. Sand can then immediately enter into the pressure tank rather being screened out by the screen. You can remove sand from the water before it gets to the pressure and storage tank by placing a filter in the pump. 

However, it is up to you to ensure that your water pump is properly maintained. As most pumps can work for months without requiring servicing, please ensure that you watch out for these six warning signs that would tell you when there is an issue with your pump.

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