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Looking for pro tips from leading social service agencies? Look no further because I’ve got you covered with useful social media marketing advice from thought leaders such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Neil Patel, Content Marketing Institute, and more.

These actionable tips will inspire you to take the next steps and experience results that increase your leads, sales, and customer base.

Let’s jump right in.

Tip #1 Maximize Instagram’s Swipe-Up Link

Instagram offers accounts that have 10,000 followers and up a swipe-up option which can serve as your call to action and lead viewers of your Instagram story to make a purchase or visit your website. While thinking about reaching the required number of followers seems daunting, Content Marketing Institute says it’s possible and suggests the VALUE framework to help you hit your first 10k.

  • Post valuable content that your current and target followers will find relevant and useful.
  • Share content that will lead people to aspire for a goal that’s relatable to their lives and your brand’s message. 
  • Create content that engages people in every part of the lifecycle from awareness to interest, desire, and action.
  • Give content that’s unique to your business and your branding
  • Produce evergreen content whose relevance will go beyond today

Tip #2 Create Ads That Are Mobile-First In Mind

Did you know that social media channels are accessed by 3.25 billion users through their smartphones? Hootsuite shares this discovery and explains the implication of the numbers. 

This means that a big percentage of ads on social media is seen from mobile devices. They suggest using images and text that can be easily viewed from a small screen to get their interest and increase the chances of making a conversion. A social media advertising agency can help you optimize for mobile.

Tip #3 Let Marketing Take A Back Seat Once In A While

This may be counterintuitive but it has its benefits. Try letting product postings take a back seat and start connecting genuinely with your audience instead. Neil Patel advises three easy points to make this happen which are to “act like a friend, show your personality, and be honest and authentic”.

Connecting with your audience gives them a fresh change from the constant barrage of product postings they see on their newsfeed. It also builds up your credibility as a company that genuinely cares for the customers and not just the profit they can bring. That’s why social service agencies get to know your customers and create strategies that help your brand establish a connection with them.

Tip #4 Use Social Performance Results To Gain Insights

Look into the data on each social media platform to gain insight as to what kind of content resonates the most with your customers. This insight will also let you know which one drives the most sales/leads/inquiries. 

SEMrush focused on key metrics such as engagement, activity, and total audience for their project with Burger King to see what kind of content engages BK’s customers the most. Their data showed which platforms customers were most active in and what locations they were from. They took this insight to encourage Burger King’s franchisees to build on this strength and share their strategies with others within the Burger King community.

Just like SEMrush, other social service agencies use this data to evaluate current strategies and realign them as needed to make sure your goals are always met.

Tip #5 Choose One Social Media Platform And Focus On That 

You may have heard it said before that marketing should meet customers where they are. While that may be true, greater results are seen from the platform where your customers are most active. Ahrefs takes it a step further and suggests to understand why that particular platform appeals the most to your target audience.

There’s a reason why they’re there. Try to understand their interests and how that platform serves those interests. This is the data a social media advertising agency builds on to establish your brand’s presence here.

Tip #6 Design A Social Media Marketing Strategy Fit For Your Business

The old cliche is true. Many don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan and the same is true for social media. Social service agencies can help you craft a strategy that will serve as the roadmap to your success, showing which efforts to pursue and focus on. 

Buffer shares the following questions that can help you start your own strategy for social media marketing:

  • Define your need to go on social media. Why does your business need to be on that particular platform? 
  • Who do you want to connect with? Who makes up your target audience?
  • What kind of posts do you plan on sharing?
  • On which platform are you going to build your presence?
  • What are your target times to share content? In social media, consistency is the key.

Tip #7 Partner With The Right Social Media Advertising Agency 

Going social can be tricky and time-consuming on your own. But with the help of experts like Milia Marketing who know that social media is more than the likes, making a profit and gaining more leads online is possible. 

They run campaigns with strategies founded by insight and focus on your business goals. They also keep your customers in mind while also keeping your competition in sight. This is the kind of social media advertising agency businesses should partner with for better marketing that truly drives results.

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