EDC Flipper Knives

An EDC assisted flipper knife can prove to be highly useful in many situations and can easily be carried on your person or with your daily essential items. These knives offer you a greater ease of use with the ability to operate the device with one hand.

Whether you’re using one of these knives for recreational use or in a professional capacity, it is important to understand what you’re getting and to find a knife that is right for you.

EDC Flipper Knives

How they work

The mechanics of flipper knives have developed over the last few decades and now the market is filled with a range of high quality, fit-for-purpose items that open quicker and are sleeker than their predecessors.

The handle of a flipper knife is designed to be held comfortably in one hand, with the blade being slightly shorter so it can be tucked into the handle when closed. Typically, there will be a small lever at the top of the handle where there is a thin opening, and when pressure is applied it releases the blade in a quick motion.

Due to the open nature of this handle, a liner lock or a frame lock are necessary to stabilize the knife and ensure the knife does not open more than 180 degrees.

Made of tough stuff

What the knife is made of is just as important as the mechanics, and the use of premium materials will ensure you can deploy the blade swiftly and will withstand daily wear and tear.

Blades are usually made from steel or titanium, and the handles are often made from the same, or aluminum to allow for a lighter grip. They are designed to be ergonomic and sturdy, to ensure you can have the best, most comfortable grip possible for ease of use.

When made to a high standard of quality, a good EDC assisted flipper knife will last for years, even with constant use and exposure to the elements.

Multiple uses

These knives have evolved beyond their cruder descendants, so you can safely carry them with you, even if you may not have use for them.

Whether you’re simply opening boxes and packaging at home, or out in the wild and need a decent knife to cut ropes or kindling, this knife can go with you anywhere without hassle.

Even though the knives open swiftly with ease, they are not automatic and therefore are much more widely accepted.  It is important to check the legality of them in your country, but they are legal in many parts of the world.

Don’t miss one of the most useful items in your toolkit, or your pocket, when you see an EDC assisted flipper knife for sale; it’s a long-term investment that serves many different purposes and functions.

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