Plantation shutters have always been my favorite window treatments. I love them because of their versatility, they have a lower price point as compared to custom draperies, not to mention how they boost your home’s value. Out of all window treatments, they are the only ones whose price can be factored into the purchase of a modern home. This is because of how desirable they are, and the fact that they can be retained in the home even when it is sold.

When installed, plantation shutters Canberra style are commonly used in the kitchen. Before making that purchase decision, you need to be sure that whatever you are buying will effortlessly fit into your windows, or if the stock panels will need a bit of customization. The prices are usually very close.

Traditional shutters are known for their smaller and narrower louvers. They are quite common in New England even though lately they are rarely installed as many homes prefer more light into the room.

Shutters were first introduced by the Spanish to the Americas. Most of the homes found in the South preferred shutters with wider lovers, hence their name.

The size of louver you choose to go with is highly influenced by your preference. For the average sized rooms, 2 1/2 inch louvers are usually installed. These are a perfect choice for rooms with normal ceiling heights. For huge rooms whose ceilings are soaring high up, 3 1/2 inch louvers would be the best fit.

There are a number of features that one should look out for when intending to buy plantation shutters Canberra style. Some companies have the option of customizing your shutters by taking the exact measurements of your windows.

Shutters with divider rails are commonly used in bathrooms. The same applies to Those with a double hung style. This is due to their flexibility, as one can close the bottom louvers while the top ones are left to allow in some air and light. This feature cannot be enjoyed if you chose to go for curtains, wood blinds or drapes.

There is an option of installing half shatters, although I would advise against it. They tend to cost as much as full window shutters. Besides, they don’t offer as much sunlight control and insulation as their counterparts. Full-length shutters let in plenty of light, and also offer protection against sun damage on furniture. It’s important to compare both advantages and disadvantages before settling on half shutters.

Customized shutters have a wide range of designs from which you get to choose.
If you intend to have the panels open up against the wall, having shutters that can be opened from the center is perfectly fine. However, to achieve complete opening and still have something on one of the sides, bi-fold should be your choice. Their working mechanism is similar to bi-fold doors, s one side folds on top of the other to your preferred side.

How the shutters are customized will depend on your style, needs and wants.
Plantation shutters are not restricted to a particular window size or shape. It can be fitted in any kind of window.

Here’s what you need to ask about before buying shutters:

Tension adjusting screws (you don’t want your louvers drooping once installed)
Self-motorized hinges (have a more presentable look on installation especially on the outside of bi-fold panels) What kind of wood they are made from (pine shutters tend to bleed sap) Astragal and rabbit edges (for complete light blockage once the panels meet) Go for engineered wood as compared to solid wood (to prevent panel wrapping) References (as shutters vary depending on which company they are from) There’s such an awesome curb appeal when all front facing windows of a home have plantation shutters installed!

For a softer look in rooms such as the bedroom, drapes or valances should work the magic. They’ll not only allow sufficient light into the room, but also leave you with the possibility of decorating your windows further.

Give plantation shutters a try and live to enjoy them for a lifetime.

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