The decision to switch to a new health care provider is a big one that can bring with it a dizzying array of questions, considerations, and choices. If you’re not sure exactly what you should be looking for in a health care provider, here are some things that you may want to spend some time thinking about.

Does Your Health Care Provider Listen to You?

Doctors are very busy. Sometimes this business takes its toll on their ability to listen to their patients. They can begin to treat each patient as a set of facts on a patient intake form without actually hearing what the patient is telling them. You need to consider whether the health care provider you are looking at has a history of listening to patients, or whether he or she just brushes off their concerns.

You can find this information by asking friends or family members who use the health care provider you are considering. Further, you can take your search online and consult any number of Internet review sites to get the information you need.

Are You Comfortable Talking to Your Potential Doctor?

Your doctor may be willing to listen, but are you willing to talk? If you are looking for a health care provider and you discover that, for whatever reason, you are not willing to be 100% honest with him or her, it may be better if you keep looking.

This is because a doctor absolutely needs to hear from you when it comes to symptoms, conditions, and so on. Every piece of information you can provide is a crucial part of the puzzle, and if you’re not willing to provide it because you’re not comfortable talking to him or her, you are only hurting yourself.

Is Your Health Care Provider Careful?

Some doctors charge ahead into diagnosing and prescribing treatments for a patient without knowing all the facts of the situation; others are more methodical and reserve judgement until they have all the information they can get. You need to consider your potential doctor’s methodology, and remember that you are not a guinea pig.

Does the Health Care Provider Understand the Unique Challenges of Senior Health Care?

Providing treatment for a senior patient is far different from treating someone in their early adult years. The doctor you select should be one who knows about senior health care, and knows the special challenges and considerations that come with it.

How Do You Feel About the Health Care Provider?

These are things that you should look for in your new health care provider, to be sure, but there may be other things that are unique to your situation, so this checklist is only a starting place; you’ll want to add other items that are important to you in your current state of affairs. Remember, only you know exactly what you need, so make sure the new doctor fits the bill. If you’re still not sure what you should be looking for in a senior health care provider, contact us at our assisted living community and we’ll give you some more information. We look forward to hearing from you!



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