Wholesale Water Bong

You must remember the basic equation of how to run a business if you want to maximize your profit on Wholesale water bong. People sometimes overlook this simple equation for increasing profits: sell to more people, sell them more products, sell them at a higher margin, reduce your costs. If you follow the basic formula, there’s no way you will not end up with profits.

But I know it’s not as easy as it seems, which is why I’ve included some additional tips in this article to help you double your income on wholesale water bongs.

Wholesale Water Bong

  • SMS Text Show Big Returns For Hard To Advertise Products

When it comes to advertising water pipes, conventional methods are counterproductive. For example, there are several prohibitions on social media that forbid the advertisement of water bongs in paid ads, and if you do risk it, your account will be immediately suspended. So, should you promote water bongs?

Sending text messages or short message service (SMS) messages is a good way to promote your wholesale water bongs. However, it should not be sent to just anybody. Send your messages to target people who either like and show interest in social media, people who have subscribed to your email list if a phone number is also given, and people who have previously ordered from you. Many customers prefer to text their questions and receive one-on-one answers to their queries. This will allow you to develop a closer relationship with your current and potential customers. And by assisting them in selecting the right bongs for their needs, you can get repeat orders and customer recommendations.

  •  Bongs and Pipes Influencers in Sub-Social Forums

Places like Reddit, forums and other communities where people chat about bongs and pipes are some other ways to promote your wholesale water bongs to customers. Be active in answering questions about bongs, subtly suggest your products and you’ll find that forming a relationship with those websites will help you gain a following.

It’s not always easy to initiate a discussion, however, if you wait for the right moment to hop on the bandwagon, you’ll notice that you instantly have a ton more enthusiasm for the bongs.

Water Bong

  • Increase Sales Volume with Upsells and Add-Ons

If you wish to double your current earnings, it is imperative that you also have to increase your sales. But increasing sales is easier said than done. One way to maximize those sales volumes is by upsells and add-ons. Someone who bought bongs may be also interested in grinders or other instruments. You can offer a package or a gift box that can go with their order. You simply need to keep an eye out for any additional products they may require for their product. If you did a great job assessing their expectations during the sales process, you might know of some other ways you can help them to go beyond just the basic product that you have.

  • Reduce Fixed Cost

The next tip on doubling your profit is reducing your fixed costs. How often do you do an audit of all your fixed costs and ensure that you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying for in your business? Oftentimes we just pay bills without considering whether or not we are having the best value for our money. Shipping cost is one example. Shipping costs for huge orders can cost quite a lot of money. But this is a fixed cost that we can eliminate in totality. Many online Smoke Shops provide free delivery on orders above a certain number. It’s smart to take advantage of promotions like these since it can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Examine your other fixed overhead expenses and see if some can be cut. By lowering your fixed cost, you will see an improvement in your profit. Get best press on nails.

  • Create Hype about Your Sales with Cannabis Social Influencers in Your Area  

Learn about influencer marketing, which is social media’s alternative to affiliate marketing. Lots of businesses have benefited as a result of it. You can offer influencers commission-based compensation that incentivizes them to drive large amounts of traffic to your website or smoke shop.

While the compensation would initially lower your profits, the turnover/ ROI will be much faster, allowing you to make a higher net return.

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