Getting the best deal on car rental Miami is easy when you use car rental comparison online! Firstly, Miami is one of the top car rental locations in the world, which means there is lots of choice. All the top car hire companies from around the world all have offices and locations for car rental in Miami Airport and around Miami. 

You have an amazing choice of brands, cars, and locations. This gives you so much opportunity to search out the best deal on a rental car in Miami. In this article, we will share the top tips and help you find the right deal for you. So where do we start. Let us take a look. 

Where do you look for cars?

The best place to find car rental deals in Miami with car rental comparison online. The reason that car rental websites are so popular, and so good, is that they take all the work out of searching for the best car rental deal in Miami or anywhere else for that matter.

What do they do that you can´t do on your own? Well, for starters, they have access to all the brands that have an office wherever you want to hire a car. That makes them a one-stop shop for car rental. But why is that important for you?  It is especially important because it lets you do your car rental comparison online, with one click, so you can compare, for example, deals from Enterprise car rental Miami with deals from Hertz car rental Miami. 

All the information is given to you in the same way, so you can compare easily. If you went on to their websites separately, you would have to search for all the important information and might not feel so confident that you are comparing like for like. And that brings us nicely on to our next point.

How do I know it is the best deal in Miami?

best deal in Miami

You know that you are getting a good deal when you look at the total price. 

  • The price of the rental car
  • The price of any add-ons/ extras
  • The deposit that you must leave at the car rental desk
  • The excess on any insurance (if any)

That means that you need to look at the price of the car, plus any extras that you want to add to your booking, such as a Satellite Navigation system, child car seats, additional drivers or whatever it is that you want to include on your booking. Does the car rental company insist that you leave a deposit when you pick up your car? Does your car come with insurance? And if it does, is there an excess to pay on this insurance? 

You will then probably want to ask yourself if you need or want an extra insurance product? That cost would also have to be taken into consideration. 

Once you have used car rental comparison and looked at these costs, then you can see who is offering you the best deal. It could be that at this point, the price is more than you expected, or that you want to pay. We will share a few tips with you on how you keep those car rental costs to a minimum.

What can I do to make my rental car cheaper in Miami?

If you want to keep you costs down, and make sure that you are getting the best car rental deal possible in Miami, then there are a few things that you can do:

  • Book your vehicle using car rental comparison online website
  • Book you rental car at least a month in advance of the pickup
  • Book the smallest rental car that suits your needs
  • Bring your own GPS or child car seats

Booking online is a great way to keep costs down. When you go directly to the rental desk to book your car, they know that you need that car NOW, and they will charge you more for the convenience and because they know they can! Book online, and in advance for better prices.

Car rental prices, like airline prices, increase as the pickup date approaches. To get real value on your car rental deal, book at least a month in advance, if not longer. 

Bigger cars are more expensive, it makes sense. The smaller the car you chose, the better value you will get. It could be that there is only a small price difference between a compact class and a standard class car but look beyond the price. Do you need to pay a larger deposit or excess? Or is your insurance more expensive. Remember what we said… it is the TOTAL price that is important.

Add-ons and extras cost money, if you wish to keep your costs down and get the best car rental deal in Miami, then bring your own GPS or child car seats. You will save about $10 per day per extra that you need. This is where the car rental comparison online websites really start to help you save.

You are now all tipped in… go get your best deal using on a rental car in Miami!

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