Cellular ShadesCellular shades are one of the most popular window treatments. From the name alone, cellular shades are type of window shade. They’ve become popular because of the following traits:

  • They are easy to work because they are versatile.
  • They look beautiful.
  • They are energy efficient.

This type of shades is the epitome of beauty and value.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Cellular Shades

If you’ve seen these signs, you likely need to replace them soon.

  1. Frayed Cords
    When you see frayed cords on your shades, it’s definitely time to replace them. It just goes to show how old and how used they have been because of wear and tear. Best to replace them immediately rather than waiting for them to look worse. Keep in mind that frayed cords can eventually render your shades unusable. They can also result in your shades falling from where it’s installed.
  2. Difficult to Use
    Your shades should be easy and convenient to use. If it’s become cumbersome to use it, then it may not be serving its purpose anymore. If they’ve become hard to lift, the lifting mechanism on your shades may be damaged. Refrain from lifting it forcibly because it might fall on you. If you can’t raise your shades, consider replacing them the soonest possible time.
  3. Out of Style
    Your window treatments should complement the overall look of your room. If you’ve done some renovations or redecorations to your house, make sure to include your shades too. Consult with a blinds provider so you can make sure your shade styles are up-to-date. They should be able to recommend the right one depending on the overall look of your room.
  4. Unsafe for Kids
    Shades that have exposed cords or protruding parts are hazardous to your kids and even to your pets. If someone’s well being is at risk, then it’s definitely time for a replacement. You may also want to choose safer options like plantation shutters or cordless cellular shades instead.
  5. New Windows
    It follows that if you’ve had new windows installed, then you’d need new shades too. New windows can sometimes mean less depth, which results in your treatments not fitting anymore. Whatever the reason for the window replacement, you can take advantage of this opportunity to update your treatments too.

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