Orthodontic Functional Appliances

Orthodontic Functional AppliancesThese Orthodontic Functional appliances are an essential part of an orthodontist’s armamentarium. The amount of their usage variants greatly, ranging from their dramatic changes in facial growth & appearance, without any significant genetic constraints. The heartwarming evidence on the clinical use is not equivocal, the general results are however not showing an unlimited main of the skeletal change, but also a balance of change in the growth of the facial bones and the dentition with the clinically significant changes in the facial soft tissues.

This functional appliance is a type of brace to correct a ‘Class II’ problem, which is a group of bite problems where the top set of teeth bite in front of the lower teeth. The functional appliances may be either fixed or removable. The removable functional appliances are the most popular in the U.K. As, the other common removable functional appliances are made up form separate upper and lower parts, which interlock the placing of the lower jaw in a more bad position. The other types of functional appliance are made up of from just one piece, although these may adapt slightly less well to the teeth as well.

The Alternatives to the Functional Braces

There are some correction of the prominent top teeth (Class II) which is not straightforward and also relies on the cooperation from you or your child, simply placing the train track braces is usually insufficient as the fixed braces (train tracks) are primarily designed to straighten the teeth. Consequently, to prefer booth the Class II problems and crooked teeth may require the usage of both a functional appliance, which is followed by the fixed brazes or less commonly use of functional and fixed braces together. Alternatively, a Functional Appliance may also include a head brace or some extractions, however the indication for the each approach depends solely on a specific problem.

Does the Functional Brace change the Shape of the Face?

There is a lot of debate and controversy which has surrounded by the mode of action of the functional braces. It also appears that the functional braces, at first tip of the teeth, moving top teeth backwards and the lower teeth forwards. Some reliable research suggests that the position and the length of the lower jaw is governed by our genetic make-up. Therefore, while the growth of the lower jaw may be altered or changed in the short-term by a functional brace, it does appears that in the long term, there is no significant difference in the jaw position which is likely to occur. Also, by virtue of the mocking teeth, changes in the lip position may occur with the piper lip covering the top teeth more fully.

Does this Functional Braces treatment always Successful?

This is not necessarily the truth. Obviously, the treatment will not work if the appliance is not worn in the right way. Also, there are group of patients who do not repent regularly well to the functional braces. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to predict the patients will respond to this treatment. The functional appliances are bellied to be most successful prior to or say, during the adolescent growth spurt. Also, this typically looks between ages of 11 to 14 in the boys and 10 to 13 in the girls. Nevertheless the treatment may be suggested at much earlier age in certain circumstances too.

What if, the Treatment is Un-successful?

The Class II problems may be treated in a variety of ways. If, say Class II correction fails, then a variety of options exist with the person. The consideration, may be given to using an alternative to decide or say an approach more viable for the patients. Example-

  • Headgear
  • Extractions
  • Jaw Surgery

The indications for their approaches vary and is also follow on the specific issue. Also, in certain instances it may be advisable to accept the residual problem before considering the treatment if desired at a later date. Also jaw surgery is vernally deferred unto the 17 years and above.

Special Benefits if these Functional Appliances are used before the age of 10 years

The treatment in this age group is regarded an ‘early treatment’ in the U.K. although this kind of practice is present in many countries. Research has showed that the functional appliance therapy commenced at an early stage is no keen effective but is less efficient than the treatment being commenced at 10 to 14 years.

The Duration of the Treatment

Treatment time varies based on the severity of the problem. However, most of the work with the functional brace is usually completed in 9 to 12 months. After which this period of nights, one can only wear it to maintain the improvement.

The Time Duration to Keep Wearing the Functional Brace in a Day

The number of hours per day, where one is expected to wear the Functional Appliance is depended on your doctor’s perception and the condition of your teeth. Sometime most functional appliances are worn on a full time or half time bases too.

Thus, this is the manner and the process where the functional appliances in the Orthodontic type is worn in order to improve the condition of the teeth.

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