The process of acquiring a criminal defense lawyer for sexual assault allegations in London Ontario can be done in two ways. But before we begin, it should be noted that the client is recommended to choose the method that best fits the unique circumstances and the client’s various needs. The first method is requesting a court-appointed criminal defense lawyer. Under this method if a client is unable to hire or afford a private criminal defense lawyer then the court will appoint a lawyer for them who will be funded by the government.

In most cases, an individual can request a court-appointed criminal defense lawyer during the court arraignment, by simple asking the judge. The judge will then follow-up with either an income-and-asset questionnaire or simply ask financial questions to the defendant to verify that they are in fact in a financial position that makes them eligible for a court-appointed criminal defense lawyer.

What can an individual expect from a court-appointed criminal defense lawyer? These lawyers are highly skilled and tend to have in-depth experience in a trial setting while maintaining close connections with prosecutors and judges. However, court-appointed criminal defense lawyers tend to have heavy and diverse caseloads which may mean less time is contributed to the client’s particular sexual assault case. Furthermore, the diversity in their caseload indicates a less specialized criminal defense focus and instead a more broad-based criminal focus that could stretch from violent crimes all the way to robbery and sexual assault.

Alternatively, a privately hired criminal defense lawyer may be hired if the client has enough financial leverage to support the costs. The steps in acquiring a private criminal defense lawyer are simple. Contacting various criminal defense lawyers via the internet or based on a friend or family recommendation is a quick method to set up a consultation meeting. In this meeting the client will discuss their case and be informed of their legal rights as well as other relevant information. It is during this meeting that the client can determine if they would want a private criminal defense lawyer to represent their sexual assault case in a court of law.

The upside to hiring a private criminal defense lawyer is that they tend to specialize in certain criminal defense fields. For instance, it would be in the client’s best interest to seek a private criminal defense lawyer who specializes in sexual assault allegations. Another benefit of hiring a private criminal defense lawyer is that they tend to have more time to devote to the client’s case since the client will be paying out of pocket for the valuable service.

No matter if you are appointed a public criminal defense lawyer or hire a private criminal defense it is crucial the client is aware of their right to a lawyer and the various methods of acquiring a criminal defense lawyer to defend against, in this case a sexual assault allegation. After reading this article you should be confident in acquiring a criminal defense lawyer who meets your specific needs whether those needs are financially based or otherwise.

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