The exact definition of vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling water vapor which is created by vaporizing an electronic liquid (flavored). The e-liquid may or may not have a percentage of nicotine in it. This is done via an electric device termed personal vaporizer or quite simply put, a vape. As and when any person inhales on the drip tip (i.e. the mouthpiece) of a vape, the battery provides the power to the atomizer. This turns the e-liquid into vapor. The vapor is taken in by the user. This vapor reaches the lungs of the consumer and provides a feeling similar to one which anyone gets from smoking. Some e-liquids come with a percentage of nicotine in them, and others do not contain any of it.

What exactly is vape?

Vape facts show that Vape really has several parts associated with it. Basically speaking, it has two primary sub-parts. These are a battery and an atomizer. The battery is the source of power which is charged with the help of a USB cable or a custom charger. The atomizer, in effect, constitutes a heating element which is basically a metallic coil. Other parts of the vaporizer include a tube (the console), a drip tip (mouthpiece), its circuit, the sensor, and the cartridge in which the piece parts are enclosed.

The reason why this is called vapor is very interesting. The e-liquid, after getting processed, turns into water vapor with an added flavor of fruit, mint, et al. Also, most of us are of the view that vaping is a recent phenomenon. It actually is not. In fact, it has a long history attached to it. Vaping, in actuality, has been around since 500 BC. The present-day vaporizer is the invention of Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. As the story goes, his father died due to the ill effects of tobacco intake (excessive smoking, so to say). The Chinese baptized this device Ryan which basically means ‘like smoke’. This contraption enabled a person to enjoy the benefits of smoking without sustaining any ill effects of tobacco intake. Thus, it became a big hit and this contraption came to the United States as well.

Vaping facts reveal that E-cigs or electronic cigarettes basically are devices which turn e-juice into vapor and these are the most commonly found vaporizers. In effect, they are very affordable and are even look like a normal cigarette. At times, thus, these are called cig-a-likes. These are available in many different flavors, designs, and even shapes and may or may not have nicotine content in them. Vaporizers, so to speak, cost between thirty-five to three hundred dollars. They also permit a person to ‘vape’ on substances like dry herbs and even waxes. However, whatever be the case, the actual harm or good from vape is not yet fully researched. It does seem that the ill effects of this trend are lesser than those which stem from smoking. Nonetheless, it does seem to come with its share of ill-baggage as well.

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