Sewer Repair

Sewer RepairFor the first time in 1971, cwas implemented by Eric Wood. He later applied for a patent in 1975 and the same was granted in 1977. He commercialized it under the banner of Insituform Technologies, and in 1994 it entered the public domain. It is an innovative technology changing the face of plumbing, but it’s still relatively new.

What is CIPP?

It is an alternative to sewer drain repair; wherein a pipe is created within the existing pipe. It is a trenchless method of repairing pipes which do not require the traditional digging up or replacing a sewer pipe. It is achieved by the use of a video camera to examine the condition of the pipe that needs repair.

Executing the CIPP Process

Here are a few tips that will help you in your Sewer Repair process.

• High pressure is channeled into the pipe that needs repair in order to flush and clean it.

• A CCTV inspection of the pipe is done to ascertain for any damages or blocks.

• Using a special machine, a liner saturated with epoxy resin or fiberglass cloth is inserted into the pipe. Lawn Sprinkler RepairsTampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Plant City Sprinkler Repair Our experience and training in troubleshooting and diagnosing irrigation

• The curing continues for a few hours wherein the resin is baked in hot water.

• Once this process is complete, the balloon bladder is pulled back, and a CCTV inspection is done for the second time to ensure the lining is in place and that the pipe is in excellent condition

Once installed, this pipe can last for 50 years at the least.


• Being a trenchless method of pipe repair, it helps save a lot on excavation costs and landscaping costs which could have been incurred after the repair is done. It is estimated that this method saves up to 75% of the cost of traditional repair.

• The repair is much easier using this method as it does not involve digging up or removing the existing pipe.

• A CIPP is seamless and jointless and has very good longevity.

• Not only is it a low-cost method, it also takes less time and is more efficient.

• The biggest advantage of this kind of repair is that it is compatible with any kind of pipe damage including corroded pipes, pipes damaged with root or plant intrusion, or those that have deteriorated with age. Even faulty installations or cracked pipes can be remedied using the CIPP process.

• It is comparatively a safer method not only for the workmen but also you. Being a completely underground method, it minimizes a lot of risks that are generally associated with the traditional methods of plumbing.

• It is the practical, affordable and efficient way when it comes to large buildings since it does not cause any damage to property.

Many people are going for the CIPP because of its hassle-free approach. There is no digging involved, and homeowners can have their lawns and gardens intact after the repair is done.

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