Breast surgery and mastectomy

If you’ve undergone a mastectomy, you’ve probably learned the healing process isn’t just physical. After surgery, your body confidence can take a hard blow, and activities that you once enjoyed may now be tainted with insecurity. Perhaps the first activity that comes to mind is going for a swim. But fortunately, a variety of bathing suits for mastectomy patients are available to help you feel your best when you hit the beach.

Finding a mastectomy bathing suit, however, was not always so easy. Just a few decades back, obtaining one was a substantially different process.

The First Mastectomy Swimsuits: DIY

Not so long ago, mastectomy bras were purely medical devices, and mastectomy swimsuits had not yet come into existence. Many women had to give up the pleasure of going for a cool swim in the summer, feeling insecure. Some inventive women did get around this hurdle in their own ways, but they had to get creative.

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Before post-mastectomy products were made commercially available, some women resorted to sewing pockets into their bras and bathing suits. They would then insert their breast forms in these pockets, creating their own DIY version of the products we know today. But while these women’s efforts to come up with a home remedy were commendable, to say the least, these swimsuits were inappropriate for a post-surgery body.

The Late 20th Century

It was not until the late ‘80s and early ‘90s that the first mastectomy bras that didn’t look like pieces of medical equipment were introduced. With them, the first few mastectomy bathing suits made it into the market. This was a large step forward, making post-surgery swimwear readily available. However, the options in what you could buy were limited and not very fashionable.

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For many years, mastectomy bathing suits were considered old-fashioned and unimaginative. The styles, colors, and patterns of these swimsuits were deemed boring. Shopping for swimsuits is hard enough as is but finding a well-fitting and pretty mastectomy swimsuit just a few years back was notably difficult.

Mastectomy Swimsuits Today

The state of mastectomy bathing suits in 2018 is radically different from what it was a short time ago. As more companies look to cater to the needs of women who’ve undergone mastectomies, a greater variety of swimsuits are being made available, leaving women with countless options to choose from.

Today, you can find all sorts of mastectomy bathing suits in the market. One-piece bathing suits, tankinis, bikinis, swim dresses, sarong swimsuits. These are all options that are available to customers – in numerous colors, patterns, styles, and sizes.

No one should be prevented from enjoying the things they love or living life to the fullest because of a mastectomy. Certainly, no woman should feel discouraged from going for a swim because of one. As more post-surgery swimsuits are introduced into the market, avoiding a nice day at the beach because of a mastectomy should become a thing of the past entirely.

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