Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Automatic Powder Filling MachineThe chosen behavior of the filler particles in the polymer, matrix on a physical model representing the suspension of the solid particles in the polar liquid has been studied relevantly. The relative sedimentation colluders of the powder components included in the polymer composition for the cable insulation in the liquids of the different polarity have been identified. The elemental cause of the effect of the hygroscopic powder fillers on the relative sedimentation columnar of the powder and a ratio of the wetting has been studied. It has also been found that the hydrophobic interactions are not really observed at the surface of completely dry materials placed in the liquids of the different polarity. Also consequently the role of the driller is actually to prevent the absorption of the moisture from the air on the surface of three particles, to reduce their hygroscopicity. it is also proposed to assess the degree of the water repellency of the particles of the powdered fillers by the measurement of their maximum hygroscopicity.

The production of the technology development of the new composite plastics is connected to the necessity of looking for the new environmental safety seditions.

The introduction of the filler in the polyolefin disturbs the polymer matrix uniformity, leading in the some cases to the physic mechanical deterioration of the composite materials. The interaction of the fine dispersed solid particles with a polymer is estimated by the homogeneity degree of the particles and the polymer adhesion to their surface.

Also, the degree of the particles and the polymer adhesion depend on the physic mechanical properties of the filler particle surface. The solid particles are modified for the property change. The surface of the, moss mineral filler is polar and the organic modifier surfacing is necessary for its hydrophobization. The filler wettability with a polymer improves after the surfacing, particle tendency to aggregation which reduces the absorption of the plasticizers which decreases the water resistance and the polymer dielectric properties get better.

This concept of the hydrophobic interactions was originally developed for the molecular disperse systems. This shows that hydrophobic interactions can be applied to the particulars: Teflon and graphite. The hydrophobic interactions in the water suspension of the hydrophobic particles and a number of the natural hydrophilic minerals with a surface hydrophobized using the flotation reagent were studied too. The hydrophobic interactions refer to the group of weak interactions an act independently from the Van der Waal’s forces as being the additionally factor of the promotion of the aggregation of nonpolar groups and the molecules in a water medium.

The possibility of the hydrophobizing fillers (Tripolite and diatomite) by the treatment with the organization compounds and the effect of this on the composted properties is investigated. The polymer resin is also used as a composite binder.

Thus, the results which indicate the determination of the relative sedimentation volume and the quality coefficient of the calculation can be used for the preliminary evaluation of the compatibility of the components in the granules.

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