breast prosthesis for swimsuits

If you have had a mastectomy, you may be wondering how you will continue to enjoy swimming or being at the beach with your family. Using breast prosthesis for swimsuits offers you the freedom to enjoy swimming, sports, or simply lounging on the beach.

Being able to enjoy swimming and outings with the family is one of many ways to keep you feeling happy and active in your post-mastectomy life. With the help of these top of the line swim forms, you will be back in the water in no time.

The Trulife 630 Aquaflow Breast Form

These active-lifestyle breast forms are perfect for women who are looking to get back into swimming laps or water aerobics. They are constructed of lightweight microbeads and spacer fabric that do not absorb water.

These non-silicone forms dry quickly, making them one of the tops picks for swimwear breast forms and other water activities. The natural yet light profile of these forms allows you to confidently continue your active lifestyle of swimming, jogging or exercising.

These are sold separately in a variety of sizes, making them the perfect choice for women with partial surgeries and reconstructions so that you can obtain the desired fit for your body.

Amoena 149 Aqua Wave Silicone Swimform

The 149 Aqua Wave is the latest aqua silicone form from the Amoena brand. It features an updated design of raised waves on the anterior surface. This allows air and water to move freely between the skin and the form, reducing suction and weight.

Another top choice for higher intensity water sports and activities, the clear silicone form boasts a concave back, which offers improved performance in the water.

The Amoena brand offers a wide selection of sizes for all of its products and a sizing chart to help you determine your perfect fit.

Nearly Me #320 Freestyle Semi-Round Oval Silicone Breast Prosthesis

These clear breast prostheses are unique in that they are safe for hot tubs, pool water, salt water, and even spas, meaning you will not have to purchase multiple sets for multiple activities.

The form can be worn in different positions according to your needs, providing a perfect fit every time. The symmetrical design can be worn on either side of the body.

American made, the Nearly Me brand features an impressive selection of sizes to fit any shape, a convenient sizing chart, and a one-year warranty.

ABC 931 Swim Form Triangle Breast Form

The ABC 931 swim form is another option that is safe for use in any environment, from the swimming pool to the spa.

It has a unique triangular shape and a distinct firmness that helps it to maintain its shape in the water. The hollowed back design of these forms allows for added security.

Anita 1084 Active Asymmetric Weighted Breast Form

These asymmetric forms are particularly suited to swimming and exercising. Their shape allows them to be used on either side of the body and the unique, ribbed anterior surface allows them to adhere to uneven scar tissue easily.

Getting Back in the Water

Don’t let the fear of heavy and outdated breast prostheses keep you out of the water this summer. These state-of-the-art breast prosthesis for swimwear, conveniently available online, will have you back to confidently enjoying the summer activities that you love.

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