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Salesforce is an application used by thousands of major businesses across a multitude of industries. One single Salesforce CRM instance can store large amounts of confidential, regulated, and important information that is accessible by many CRM users. With this kind of sensitive information stored in the cloud and the ability to access it anytime, anyplace, and from anywhere, salesforce activity tracking monitoring is very necessary. Unfortunately, for more than a few years Salesforce data security solutions were without quick forensic back checks on users, alerts, and continuous monitoring. This was due to Salesforce audit trials being time-consuming, manual, and expensive to get. 

Sales force Activity Capture

Salesforce Activity Capture and Lessons

Many things can be learned from Salesforce Activity Capture including how to increase sales and have a better sales team. There are both positives and negatives that can be learned and here are a few. 

  • The need to protect privacy is one important lesson we have learned from Salesforce. Privacy must be a top priority when it comes to any type of CRM. 
  • CRM reports should not be difficult to acquire. Reports from Salesforce have been a major source of consternation for sales reps for the life of the software. Many sales teams have gone on rants about the difficulty level. 
  • Activity capture software should not take hours and hours of training. It is no big secret that sales reps want to be out there making sales and not having to learn new software that is difficult to comprehend. 
  • Sharing reports should be easy. When using Salesforce reports can only be forwarded to other paid users. 
  • Accessing historical data should not be difficult. When using CRM software one of the greatest benefits is having the capability to study and review historical data and make solid forecasts. Salesforce snapshotting can be done but it must be planned so far out in advance. Not all sales managers have the forethought or time to do this. And, the scheduling of the snapshots cannot be changed once it is put into the CRM. 
  • Time management is huge in the sales field. Sales reps use their calendars for all types of scheduling. Having the ability to automatically capture information from calendars and emails is a welcomed tool. The problem is many businesses only have the option to capture an extremely limited amount and this is true with Salesforce too. 
  • There is always the ability to add tools for activity tracking salesforce capture that work along with Salesforce. Having tools that are easy to install and not needing a client-side plugin can only benefit both the sales reps and sales managers. 

Autoscribe by SalesDirector.ai

One such tool that is available is by SalesDirector.ai. Autoscribe provides 100% automated activity and contact capture. Whether your sales reps are working with Office 365/Exchange or GSuite it is compatible and best of all there is no plugin hell and zero change management. 

Autoscribe offers signature capture and 3rd party data integration for enhancement. Need those reports? This offers the ability to power your reports with up-to-date consistent data!

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