Cipp-technologyThe homeowners of yesteryear dreaded their sewer and drain lines breaking apart in inopportune times. When the time came, there’s no other solution than to have it repaired in a traditional manner. This includes excavating the yard, ruining the landscape and having to call a professional to do the job. Delaying the issue with the plumbing only makes the matter worse. It can turn a relatively simple plumbing situation into a huge mess that eats up your time and money.

Nowadays, all that hassle can be eliminated through breakthrough sewer repair methods. Homeowners and property managers can now choose to have their drain lines replaced via the trenchless technique, or using CIPP for sewer and drain repair.

What is CIPP?

CIPP stands for Cured In Place Pipe. The way the new pipes are placed is totally different from traditional pipe line repairs. Holes are dug in strategic areas, from which micro cameras are inserted, along with mechanical cleaning tools. In layman’s terms, CIPP involves sliding in a flexible tube where your old pipe lines are located. This process can be done in an upstream point, where air pressure or water is utilized to correctly place the liner. The new method foregoes the exhaustive digging process present in most traditional drain repairs. The liner is then “cured” once it is installed along the existing line, forming the new structure to which water or sewage flows in and out your house.

CIPP Technology For Solving Sewer Problems


You might be surprised at how non-invasive CIPP is. There’s no more digging up the ground where your pipes lie. The convenience in CIPP is that you won’t have your days disturbed by the sound and the operation of heavy machinery. The work will be done much faster. Your flooring, interior walls, structures, home foundations, driveway and landscape will be spared from heavy digging.

Cost Efficient

When compared side by side, trenchless repair comes out on top of being less expensive than traditional pipe repair methods.

No excavation and digging means no more need to rent heavy machinery to dig up your property. The costs associated with operating the said machinery is also removed. Instead, all you’ll need is a two-man crew to dig up a small hole on either ends of the broken pipe and put in the new pipes via CIPP method. Plus, you won’t have to hire a contractor to restore your landscape to normal.

Plumbers need significantly less time to execute the CIPP trenchless repair than any other traditional means. This translates to lower hours billed and repair costs. You won’t have your day ruined if ever your pipes break or your sewer line backs up. With CIPP, you can get back to normal much faster than anticipated.

Long-Lasting Solution

CIPP doesn’t just repair your old pipes. It makes your sewer or drain line much stronger due to better materials used. Cured in place pipes add tremendous value for your home. The “liners” aren’t temporary. In fact, they’re designed to serve you and your household for approximately 50 years or more, which is the same as installing new pipe lines. The liner is very durable and reinforced to resist common piping problems such as pressure, roots and cracking.

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