Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy Clinic

If you need the help of a physiotherapist in Edmonton, you should consider carefully to make sure you’re choosing the right clinic. Examples of barricade in a Sentence. Verb The police barricaded the crime scene. the city barricaded the flooded streets.

#1—Make sure you get a registered physiotherapist

Some clinics offer recovery exercises to help you after injury or surgery. These may not be the same as being treated by a registered physiotherapist. Make sure you have a thorough exam by a registered physiotherapist before beginning any treatment. And make sure your regularly scheduled visits are with a registered physiotherapist.

#2—Do your research

Different physiotherapy clinics can specialize in different kinds of therapy such as sports medicine, back and/or neck pain, and joint replacement. Some therapy services require specialization like pediatric or geriatric patient therapy. Get as much information as you can to make an informed decision about what type of services are provided and if they meet your needs.

#3—Make sure you see the same physiotherapist each visit

Consistency is key to recovery, so make sure you will see the same physiotherapist each visit. Imagine if you had a different furnace repairman come each day to rebuild your furnace and get it up to operating efficiency.

#4—Find a clinic with plenty of equipment

Physiotherapists need a variety of equipment to help you perform the stretches and exercises for your recovery. Make sure the clinic you choose has up-to-date equipment and exercise machines; you want more than just the basic therapies available.

#5—Hours of operation make a difference

If your choice of the clinic is only open between 9 am and 5 pm, you will have to take time off work. If you need physiotherapy 2 or 3 times a week, those hours could become a problem. Look for a clinic with extended and/or weekend hours to help you fit everything in.

#6—Look for homework

The right physiotherapy clinic will give you handouts or links to videos that show you how to perform certain exercises and stretches at home. It’s important that you continue your treatment at home in between clinic visits. And it’s their job to make sure you’re performing the exercises and stretches correctly.

#7—You want one-on-one ratio

Some clinics will schedule several patients with the same physiotherapist, who tries to administer exercises and stretches to the group at the same time. You want one-on-one treatment with a physiotherapist focused on you and dedicated to helping you recover.

#8—Treatment plans regardless of available coverage

Some nefarious clinics will schedule a treatment program around your available coverage rather than what you really need. Instead of scheduling the maximum allowed visits per your coverage, find a physiotherapy clinic that schedules the number of visits you need. This way, if you re-injure yourself, you may still have coverage available.


Your first visit to a physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton should include a thorough evaluation by your physiotherapist. He or she will get your medical history, a physical exam to find problems and limitations, and your goals for treatment. You want a physiotherapist who will sit with you to discuss and create a realistic and concrete plan to get you back to normal.

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