Having to repair a sewer line isn’t the most enjoyable thing that anyone can do, however, it will need to be done whether you are prepared for it or not. It is one of the most frustrating issues to deal with for a home owner, and there isn’t any way for you to get around it. If there is an issue in the sewer lining system of your home, then repairing it is the only possible thing to do before you cause any more damage to occur in your lines. The good thing in today’s plumbing field, is that there is newer technology today that makes the process easier, faster, and there is no need for any excavation that will have to be done on your property. There are two top methods that are used today when it comes to repairing sewer lines, and these two methods are known as “Pipe Bursting” and “Pipe Lining”.pipe_bursting

Pipe Bursting VS. Pipe Lining

When it comes to trenchless pipe bursting or pipe lining, both of these specific methods are known as trenchless methods, and the reason for this is because, having this process done, require little to no excavation to be done to your land. Both of these methods, are the new way to replace, or repair, the lining that needs to be fixed within your sewer systems. These new technologies are able to fix these issues within your lines, without having to tear up your yard or your land to handle the repairs. These methods have become the best ways to repair pipes for a few years now, and it is more beneficial to have it done using these two types of methods.

Pipe Lining

If you are having pipe lining done to your sewer lines, then this is the process where you are having a pipe created within the existing pipe in your sewer system. It is done by inserting special epoxy resins that is able to create a very structural strength within the pipe, and it is able to do so without causing any damage to the floors, interior walls, structures, streets, sidewalks, or the landscaping.

Pipe Bursting

If you are going to have pipe bursting done within your sewer lines, then this means that the pipe is replaced with a high density polyethylene pipe. This entire process works by pulling specific tool, known as a bursting head, through the pipe that is in need of repairing, and it then breaks the pipe into pieces, which is called bursting, and it pulls the new pipe in behind it and sets the pipe in place. It is one of the most preferred methods of replacing or repairing sewer pipes.

In conclusion, these two specific methods are the newer technologies that are used when it comes to making repairs to sewer pipe lines, and replacing them as well. These new technologies are able to repair sewer lines for home owners, without having to tear up their landscape. They are easier and quicker techniques to get the job done safe and efficiently.

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