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The R620 is a 12th generation server of the PowerEdge family and it delivers a much higher processing power in a compact 1U chassis. Getting a refurbished R620 is a low-cost solution for enterprise-grade workloads with minimal physical space consumption. The server, although small, is good enough for tasks such as virtualization, HPC and cloud computing. 

Key FeaturesRefurbished-Dell


A top lid reveals a well-engineered inside of the R620 which packs hardware with minimum wastage of space. 

The refurbished 10 bay R620 here at KahnServers has a chassis depth of 756mm which makes room for an LED diagnostics panel on the front. The server uses hot-swappable SSD, SAS and SATA hard disks. The internal storage maxes out at 10 TB and a PCIe bridge card connects it with the server for fast data throughput.

The server has a two-socket switch that houses the CPU chip. Each of these sockets has a heat sink. Moreover, there are 7 fans to maintain airflow that are hot-swappable. 24 DIMM slots for DDR3 modules support maximum storage of up to 768 GB. 

At the back, the server has two redundant 750 W hot-swap power supplies and you also find three PCIe and two Ethernet ports. 


With the Intel Xeon’s E5 2600 line of processors and 768 GB of memory, you get enough processing power to manage memory-intensive workloads at enterprise-oriented deployments. However, different configurations lead to different peak performances of the refurbished server, you can configure yours to suit your needs with the flexible processor and the memory options. 

Management and Deployment 

Managing the R620 becomes incredibly easy with its status LCD and the 1U chassis which conveniently fits in a server rack and can be deployed within minutes.

If you have a large number of servers operating in your space, then the cable management kit that comes with the server would help keep things neat and organized. 

Remote Management 

Under Dell’s OpenManage platform, you find an iDRAC7 Express which accesses the Lifecycle controller giving you a remote management system for updating and monitoring your server. 

Should You Buy a Refurbished Server? 

Here at KahnServers, we test and verify your refurbished server before shipping and each server from us comes with a one-year RTB warranty. 

With new servers, the rate of depreciation is sometimes not worth the price tag and the room for scalability is also limited since one already spends thousands to deploy it. Refurbished servers are a better option due to the room for scalability since you can always upgrade components without them being too heavy on your pocket and also the rate of depreciation is relatively lower than that for new servers.

Why Choose KahnServers?

At KahnServers, you can purchase the DELL PowerEdge R620 1U at a base price of £149.99 with additional costs depending on how you custom build your server. Apart from customer support, we also offer technical support to our clients for our devices to ensure smooth and reliable use of your refurbished server.

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