SpecialistPatients today have many choices for straightening their teeth – clear aligners, ceramic braces, lingual braces and self-ligating braces – but who is best suited to guide them through their treatment? When it comes to an orthodontic treatment specialist, Summerlin residents trust the expert care provided at Significant Orthodontics.

There’s been some misinformation circulating with regard to the roles that dentists and orthodontists play in treating patients’ oral health. Dentists are trained to clean teeth, fill cavities, perform certain dental surgeries and examine overall oral health.

Many dentists now offer braces to their patients, but according to the American Association of Orthodontists, it’s better to consult an orthodontist treatment specialist, Summerlin if you need to straighten your teeth or correct your bite.

Why choose an orthodontic treatment specialist? Because they are:

  • Specialists in straightening teeth and aligning jaws, even advanced cases;
  • Required to study an additional two to three years after dental school;
  • Trained to choose the correct treatment option because they have worked with all the available options;
  • Trained to recognize the potential pitfalls associated with certain treatments and cases, which means there’s less chance of problems after treatment has started or been completed;
  • Familiar with emerging treatments and technologies so they can make the best choice for a patient’s case.

Some dentists claim to have taken sufficient continuing education or additional training to offer braces to their patients, but this can’t compare to the advanced training an orthodontic treatment specialist receives during his or her education.

Ideally, dentists and orthodontists work hand in hand to make sure oral health and the alignment of teeth and jaws are the best they can be. Think of a dentist as the one who is there for a lifetime, to make sure teeth and gums are healthy.

In contrast to that, an orthodontist is the highly skilled teammate who helps the dentist by straightening teeth and aligning the jaws over the course of a few years. Instead of one replacing the other, they work together for the health and benefit of their patients.

Why should you see an orthodontic treatment specialist Summerlin instead of a dentist for your treatment?

During orthodontic treatment, teeth – and sometimes the entire facial structure – are permanently changed. It is important that the treatment is appropriate and properly completed. Unlike dentists, orthodontic specialists have been well educated and taught how to correctly realign teeth and fix improper bite patterns.

We encourage you to ask the doctor these three main questions to verify that he or she is an orthodontist:

  • Are you an orthodontic specialist? The doctor should be able to give you a simple answer of, “Yes!”
  • Where did you complete your orthodontic residency? After the doctor tells you which university he or she attended, we suggest you research the university online to verify that they have an orthodontic program.
  • Was your orthodontic residency a full-time, 2-3 year accredited program? The doctor should be able to answer, “Yes”; Orthodontic residency programs require at least 40 hours of work per week for at least two-to-three years.

By choosing an orthodontic treatment specialist, Summerlin you are ensuring that you or your children are receiving the highest level of care. If you are ready to begin your orthodontic treatment, call us today to schedule a consultation!

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