hydrojettingHydrojetting services are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to clear clogged and slow-moving drains. This is because of the inherent benefits that come with this method of drain and sewer maintenance over other methods that are sometimes used. Being extremely powerful, its use requires technicians wear protective gear. Water is forced out at high speeds creating approximately 7000 PSI.

Chemicals are not needed. Only water is required when hydrojetting drains and sewers cleaning. No lye or acids are needed to clear the drains of clogs or prepare them for coatings and sealings. This means that not only are any PVC pipes protected from softening by acids, but there are no residual chemicals left in drains that can splash back or even waft into the room. The environment is also protected, because anything that is poured down your drains eventually reaches the river, and then the ocean. With hydrojetting, there are no chemicals to be concerned about.

Chemicals designed to eliminate clogs are not the only contaminants that drain cleaning services can create when providing traditional services. Contaminants that are brought up out of the drains when augers are used might contaminate nearby areas. Hydrojetting eliminates this risk by flushing everything out, and down, the drain and sewer.


Hydrojetting is more effective at removing roots than traditional methods which cut away at roots. These methods can also cause damage to the interior of pipes and drains, and the damage might not be known until months later when a drain pipe has collapsed, leaving a sunken area in your yard, or ceased draining correctly. When hydrojetting is used, roots are cut away at. They are either eliminated or either so damaged that they will soon die off.

This method can be used for both commercial needs and also for residential ones. When a residence has drainage problems, sometimes the problem can lie in the city’s drain system. Using a traditional snake with an auger can leave many areas still untouched, and waiting to help build up more clogs in the not-so-distant future. Hydrojetting will eliminate clogs inside of the city’s sewer system that affect a home’s drain system ability to function correctly, it’s that powerful.

Clearing drains by hydrojetting can be a bit more costly upfront but with its preventative benefits, hydrojetting can actually reduce overall costs associated with drains and sewer lines. Because all of the build-up inside a pipe or drain is eliminated when hydrojetting is conducted, it will take much longer for residues to build up, and also for clogs to return. This means there will be a much longer time before services are needed. Hydrojetting will also keep tree roots from growing, also preventing extra maintenance from being necessary in the near future.

Hydrojetting is a method that uses no chemicals, eliminates the risk of contaminants being introduced to exterior areas, is less expensive overall, prevents tree root damage, is not damaging itself, cleans the entire system instead of only targeting troublesome clogs, reaches farther than a snake and auger can, and can be used in almost any setting. It is versatile and comprehensive. There’s no reason to not look into hydrojetting.

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