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Working for accommodation has been around for a long time and is now getting immense recognition due to the internet’s influence. It is an excellent working concept that allows you to tour different parts of the world and contribute to their diversity as you learn a lot from the experience.

If interested in the work in exchange for housing arrangements, you need to know how to go about it for a smooth transition to this working scheme. Looking at your needs, we provide you with 12 steps to finding the perfect work exchange for housing program that will suit your needs.

Step 1: Understanding the Work for Accommodation Concept

Work for Accommodation Concept 

The first step involves learning about the work for accommodation concept and what it entails. It is a necessary step, which provides you with information on what you want to get in. The good thing is that the information you are looking for is readily available on the internet. There are also travel magazines and journals that can give you an excellent orientation to this work arrangement.

Step 2: Do You Meet The Requirements?

After you understand how the work for housing concept works, you now have to look if you meet such a program’s requirements. The requirements are not that strict, and many need you to have things like travel documents, specific academic qualifications, and work experience. You should also be willing to travel around. Some programs may have an age limit and health status stipulations.
Step 3: Choose a Niche
You have to choose a working niche to narrow down your options to ideal opportunities. You can base your niche on your professional qualifications; for example, if you have a teaching background, look for teaching opportunities.

Step 4: Select a Country of Your Choice

The good thing with work in exchange for accommodation programs is that you can travel to any part of the world. Look for friendly countries or those on your bucket list and start looking for available work and housing programs. You should meet the travel requirements of the country you have in mind to prevent disappointments. It is advisable to have more than one country in mind for your convenience.

Step 5: Look For Available Jobs

 Available Jobs

Once you have the country and destination ticked on your to-do list, start looking for available jobs. As you already have a niche, getting a job won’t be much of a hassle. Look for various job openings to give you a leaning point in case one fails.

Step 6: Do Some Consultation

It would help to do some consultation on available jobs and whether the country you have in mind is the right choice. The consultation step can come anywhere you encounter an issue, and you need some clarity.

Step 7: Checking Job Requirements and Application

With several jobs under your radar, you dig deeper into them to see what they demand and apply to the ones you have a high chance of landing. Keep in mind that the job should offer accommodation as that is what you have your sights on.

Step 8: Contact Your Host To-Be

With work for housing arrangements, the move you have to make is contacting your host to-be and expressing interest in the available opportunity. They will let you know if the job is still open and what it entails. You can also countercheck your host’s credentials to ascertain their legitimacy.

Also, you have to agree on the working terms before setting off.

Step 9: Making Travel Arrangements

After getting into an agreement with your host, you now make travel arrangements to your destination. Get your traveling documents and other necessary items ready and move to your new home.

Step 10: Meeting Up With Your Host

You now meet up with your host-cum-employer, and get acquainted with the work environment. They will give you an orientation and, most importantly, where you will be residing during your stay.

Step 11: Getting To Work



After settling in, you get to work in the capacity you indicated when applying for the job. Ensure you bring your best for future recommendations and as gratitude for the opportunity you have.

Step 12: Leave an Honest Review for Your Host

When your working and touring session is over, leave a review for your host, which helps others who are into the work for housing exchange arrangement. They will get to know about the working environment and get an idea of what to expect when they come over.

Final Word

Highlighted are the 12 steps to finding the perfect work exchange for housing program, where you work in exchange for shelter and maybe food and health benefits. It is an excellent concept where you get to tour different parts of the world and make good use of your skills.

Follow the steps and be sure of landing the right host.

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