4 Common Myths About Cataracts

As we age, the eye’s natural lens begins to cloud over, causing blurred vision, faded colors, increased glare from artificial lights, and difficulty seeing in low light. At some point, cataract surgery may be necessary to restore vision. By the age of 80, more than half of Americans will have…


Can Hormone Pellets in Arizona Help Both Men and Women?

Along with finding more gray hairs and noticing a few more wrinkles, aging can also bring about several symptoms not always visible to the eye. Too often, these symptoms which are affecting daily life and overall health, are misdiagnosed as natural signs of aging, when in many cases they reveal…


What important facts that Utah people know about vaping?

The exact definition of vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling water vapor which is created by vaporizing an electronic liquid (flavored). The e-liquid may or may not have a percentage of nicotine in it. This is done via an electric device termed personal vaporizer or quite simply put,…


What Are the Differences Between Adolescent and Adult Orthodontics in Poway CA?


In our office and nationwide, we have observed that the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment has been steadily increasing every year. For whatever reason, the percentage of adults in active treatment has grown from about 15% to over 30% in 2017. What are the pros and cons of adult orthodontics in Poway CA and how is it different from adolescent treatment?  We’re discussing that today! (more…)


10 Steps to Proper Cat Oral Health in Idaho Falls

Cat-Oral Care

Even if the only things your cat hunts these days are chicken-flavored kibbles and toy mice, he still needs clean, sharp teeth and healthy gums. Damage to the tongue, teeth, palate and gums can lead to many health risks for felines, but these can be prevented with regular cat oral health care in Idaho Falls. (more…)


How to Control Termites with Chemicals and Technologies York, PA

Termites with ChemicalsMajor potential damages can be caused because of the presence of termites in our homes. All year round, there is billions worth of infrastructural damage caused by the presence of termites, and another billion spent on fixing those problems. You can always take help of a professional to help you and your loved ones in this case. However, if you are the one to take matters into your own hands, then you would need to use effective prevention strategies and proper use of preventive chemicals. Let’s take a look at the methods: (more…)

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