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We live in a fast-moving, on-demand world and business is no exception. Ambitious startups are a dime a dozen with only a handful reaching the coveted 10%. So, how do you stand out? 

The foundation of your success comes down to creating a viable business plan – and following that plan methodically. Referring to one throughout your company’s journey will keep you zeroed-in on your pathway to success. It could also attract investment and partnership opportunities. 

But, how do you write a convincing business plan that is viable? To give you an idea how it all works, our business plan company dredged the Internet for the top business plan templates and sample business plans. Here are 7 samples you don’t want to miss. 

7 Sample Business Plans to Help You Succeed

HubSpot’s Free Business Plan Template

HubSpot, a leader in business marketing tools and analytics, offers a free, downloadable business plan template specifically for entrepreneurs. 

Designed as a checklist and guide for startups, this business plan template is perfect for someone without previous business plan writing experience. Here, you’ll learn just what you need to include in each section and how you’ll do it. 


HubSpot’s One-Page Business Plan

Business plans don’t have to be 50+ page documents. Businesses of any size may benefit from HubSpot’s one-page business plan

The business plan template gives you the framework you need to build your brand and tasks to spotlight as you grow. As your business matures, you can then expand on your original plan to include your new goals, structure, forecasts. 

BPlan’s Financial Business Plan Template

When you need a business plan that highlights financial specifics, BPlan’s business plan template is the way to go. This financially-oriented sample business plan dedicates more than half of its content to your company’s financial statements. 

After you complete this plan, your business will have an in-depth view of its fiscal health in addition to the steps needed to maintain or improve it. 

ThoughtCo’s Downloadable Business Plan

Templates are a great starting point, but sometimes experiencing a plan in action will help you see how everything comes together. If you want to reference a real business plan while you write your own, consider ThoughtCo’s downloadable business plan

The plan was written for a fictional company called Acme Management Technology. This sample business plan is the perfect guide to use when you fill in your own business plan. In it you’ll find small, yet significant details that you may not have noticed otherwise. 

“How to Write a Winning Business Plan” by Harvard Business Review

Do you need a sample business plan that takes your business plan to the next level? In this case, this Harvard Business Review article is your best bet. 

The article doesn’t only teach you what you need to include in your business plan, it also details the how and why behind a winning business plan. “How to Write a Winning Business Plan” will help you write a convincing plan with an emphasis on market demand and the financial benefits investors will receive by funneling money to your venture. 

Panda Doc’s Sample Business Plan Template





Panda Doc’s sample business plan is free and downloadable. As one of the more comprehensive templates on this list, it dives into just what you’ll need in each section. Ultimately, this is a huge time saver, so you don’t have to come up with everything on your own. 

Once you wrap up this business plan, you’ll earn a grain-like understanding of business’ moving parts and how they work together for your success. 

  1. HubSpot’s Complete Guide to Starting a Business

For a fully fleshed-out startup business plan, opt for HubSpot’s complete guide to starting a business. Writing a business plan is often a challenging step for a new business. Here, you’ll learn just how to map out all the details, what you need to include, and why it’s important. 

As an added benefit, HubSpot includes a full-length sample business plan for you to reference. 

Work with a Business Plan Company

You already know that a business plan is one of the most important first steps of your startup. Writing a solid plan is the foundation of your business and a roadmap to achieve your goals.

To have the best chance for your business’ success, consider teaming up with the professionals. A business plan company gives you the expertise and experience needed for you to accomplish your business goals. 

Contact Bargain Business Plan, a business plan expert company, today to learn more.


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