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Whether your first commercial space is a spare bedroom or an office on Wall Street, any workspace needs to combine practicality with professionalism.

The truth is that how your working environment functions will directly impact on how productive you – and your workforce – will be. It’s time to be honest, nobody is going to reach their full potential whilst perched on a kitchen chair surrounded by washing up and reminders of that long list of daily chores that also need to be completed.

With that in mind, one of the most important purchases that you will make for your office is the desks, chairs and other furniture which helps to shape your workspace.  This is why buying quality items at competitive prices is so important.

In order to make informed choices there are a number of top tips that you could use if you are to get great value and service from your office furniture supplier.

Get It Right First Time.

Being such an important investment, it’s essential to make smart choices from the get go. If your space is smaller than the typical office, it may be worth opting for bespoke furniture from suppliers such as Office Monster.

Giving you the functionality online to choose very specific products to meet with your requirements and the space you have in your office could improve efficiencies and also save you money. Make sure that you look into the options that you have, you may be surprised at the variables that you can choose.

Save on Delivery by Ordering in One Go

When it comes to large furniture items, the delivery costs can soon add up. So, while it feels like a big commitment to spend money on office furniture, ordering all of the items that you need in one go will help to save on delivery costs in the long run.  

Buy in Bulk

It may seem less financially daunting to build-up your collection of office furniture as the business progresses and this may be the only option for those setting up for the first time, but the best savings are enjoyed by those who order in bulk.

Buying 20 desks is more likely to warrant a reduced price per item than if you are to order one desk and then another and another. Furthermore, as mentioned above, you will incur delivery costs and there is likely to be some administrative charges too, so it always pays to ask the question!

Set up a Credit Account and Save on Immediate Payments

Although some people may feel better when they pay off any debts immediately, in the early days of a business that extra time can make all the difference when it comes to cashflow.

Setting up a credit account with your office furniture supplier will give you the breathing space between ordering and paying for your goods. This in turn will give you extra time to chase any outstanding invoices leaving a healthier balance in your business account.

Order from an Online Business with Bargaining Power

High streets have their attractions when you’re making a big purchase. After all, being able to ‘try before you buy’ does help when spending a large sum of money.

However, with traditional retailers having to pay expensive rents for their premises and shop window often means they are unable to offer the same value as online retailers. It’s important to realise that choosing an established and trusted online supplier can help to save pounds rather than pennies.

Consider Quality Over Cost

Office furniture should last a lifetime, which is why choosing quality products is so important. Make the correct choices in the first instance – which may mean paying a little more – and expect to make the purchase once which will save money on replacing lower quality items in the future.  

Consider Installation and Removal

Once your furniture has arrived, the installation process is one headache that you could certainly do without. What’s more, having an additional cost for someone to put the furniture together, is another expense which can soon mount up. Taking advantage of free or reduced fees for installation or removal is a clever way to save valuable cash. Make sure you ask your preferred supplier if this is a service that they offer so that you can benefit from any added value that is offered.

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